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[FIC COMPLETE] Heart and Sole

Title: Heart and Sole
Author: Manniness
Rating: K+ (with optional M-rated interlude)
Warnings: Bad guys die non-graphically, some tasty UST... I think that's all.

Pairing(s): Alice/Tarrant (romantic... eventually), Alice/Hamish (friendship)

Summary: When Alice discovers who the right man is for her, she finds him slipping even further out of her reach. And when Hamish watches Alice disappear from his family's home, he begins stumbling upon Underland in the most unlikely of places. (Oh, and there may be a shoe or two thrown in somewhere.)

Status: All twenty-five chapters have been completed and posted.  I will go die now.  K-thnx.

Read it here...

15 Alice In Wonderland Icons


The rest are here at my journal :)


[FIC] On the Threshold of Christmas

Series title: On the Threshold of Christmas
Author: manniness
Fandom: Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland 2010
Pairings: Alice/Tarrant
Rating: T+
Summary: Christmas truly is a magical time for wishes... and dreams. 

Link to On the Threshold of Christmas Chapter Listing
NOTE: I've made it a goal to update this fic every year, so I can't really say it's done, but the suspense shouldn't kill you.  Um, it shouldn't...  (^_^;;)

Happy winter reading, everyone!

[Drabbles] "On the Sea"

Fandom: Alice in Wonderland (2010)
Collection: The Other Side of the Mirror
Title: "On the Sea"
Characters/Pairing: Alice, Tarrant
Notes: Drabbles from the Music Meme

( She’s come to know well the early hours of morning. Hours that make you feel small, as if you’ve drank much too much Pishsalver. )

Searching for Betas and Artists

The [info]aiw_big_bang is looking for betas and artists.  There are a large range of fandoms and crossovers from which to choose.  Consider lending a hand and joining the fun!  Sign ups continue through October 24th.

2011 Alice in Wonderland Big Bang

The second annual aiw_big_bang  will be kicking off Aug 27th with author sign-ups.  The minimum word count is 10,000.  Check out the revised timeline and new FAQ here.  All versions of Alice will be welcome, as well as all pairings, genres, and ratings.  The more the merrier!

urbis marmorea: desiderium cordis

Alice in Wonderland: urbis marmorea: desiderium cordis
Pairing: Alice Kingsleigh/Mirana of Marmoreal
Rating: PGish for heavy angst and hurt/comfort
Summary:  Alice leaves Underland after slaying the Jabberwock and Mirana is devastated.  Then Alice can't remember where she has been.
Warnings: See above. But, none to think of, only that there's Malice.

Will Alice remember?  Will she return to her White Queen and their love?  Alice and Mirana forever...

No… no… no…!
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I am an author on FFN (fairfarrenlovelylydia) where this can also be found :)

: Alice in Wonderland (2010- LW and TB)
Pairings: Alice Kingsleigh/Tarrant Hightopp; Mirana of Marmoreal/OC, Iracebeth of Crims/OC
Rating: T (for mild language, intense and lightly violent scenes, slight sensuality)
Summary: Alice has returned to her Upperland to resolve all those nagging things she left Underland to do in the first place. However she finds she misses the nonsense world and her Mad Hatter very much. When she decides to return she knows she will reunite with her beloved Hatter. But what happens when she has to come face to face with a blood thirsty Iracebeth and her new Red King?

ChaptersCollapse )

The Slings and Arrows

Alice in Wonderland: The Slings and Arrows
Pairing: Alice Kingsleigh/Mirana of Marmoreal
Rating: PGish for heavy angst and hurt/comfort
Warnings: None to think of, only that there's Malice.

the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune...
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